Board Meeting — Angel Investors

 A meeting of my angel investors was held yesterday, November 13, 2020.  This was a specially called meeting, which I requested in order to get some direction on my immediate creative pursuits.  This is the transcript of my presentation.  Attendees: Kathleen.Caterina – CEO and CCO (Chief Creative Officer)Lavender – Chairman of the board/lead museOlga – BoardContinue reading “Board Meeting — Angel Investors”

Starched Linen #3 – London Restaurant

Another piece in an occasional series of little glimpses of writing             The Italian restaurant on the strange triangular corner.  I’d passed it endless times on my way to the office.  I wanted to go there to eat sometime.  On the right day, with the right person, not in a sad, lacking way but somethingContinue reading “Starched Linen #3 – London Restaurant”

Memrise Envy – My Journey to 5,000 Words

I’m worried about Enrique Carlos Saavredra de Moreno*.  He has been part of my daily life for months now, the carrot at the end of the stick.  Always ahead of me, keeping me going.  And now he’s gone.              Enrique Carlos Saavedra de Moreno is the top person on the leaderboard in Memrise’s 5,000 MostContinue reading “Memrise Envy – My Journey to 5,000 Words”

Starched Linen #2 – The Train to Lyon

This is a character sketch from my novel in process “White Acts.” She had only met her mother’s cousin once.  When she was a teenager, already fully ensconced in her ballet training, she and her mother, Marie, had gone for a visit.  Her father had not gone for some reason.  Work probably.  The luxury ofContinue reading “Starched Linen #2 – The Train to Lyon”

Starched Linen #1

The first of several sketches about starched linen. Now that my dining room table is my office, perhaps for the rest of my career, I cleared out the cheerful tablecloths from the cupboard.  Thanksgiving.  My birthday.  Graduations.  Wine resistant yet still faded grape birthmarks on some, near where my husband, the host and primary pourer,Continue reading “Starched Linen #1”