Why Caterina?

This is the place that I share my writing — bits of novel, memoir, essays, poetry.

I’ve been asked about the Caterina part of my Instagram name. I like to travel. I like travelling in Italy. On a recent trip I was nominated as the person in the group who spoke the best Italian (and that’s not saying much) to make some key restaurant reservations. I knew from past experience that the beginning “k” in my name and the middle “thl” consonant combination is troublesome for Romance language tongues. So I invented an Italian name to make restaurant reservations. Caterina Pietro. I liked it. So I use it for many things now.

But I don’t just like traveling to Italy. So can you expect kathleen.catherine for French travels, or kathleen.katharina for Germany or kathleen.katharine for so many other northern European places? Maybe. Maybe not.

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