A Little Too Good

I’m a little too good at this.

Tea in the morning. French grammar, needlework, a stub nib pen with jade green ink; a walk in the garden in sturdy shoes.

I could be Jane Austen’s neighbor.

Lunch will be lentils and chicken soup. Later maybe some Chopin preludes.

And more tea. Maybe a cookie. I should probably call it a biscuit.

At bedtime – silver silence out the window. No traffic, no parties, no wayward laughter from a conversation somewhere nearby. Not even coyotes right now. I will sleep deep and well.

Yes, I’ll stay inside. And enrich myself.

It’s all a little too easy.

One thought on “A Little Too Good

  1. I must now channel my inner Kathleen. I do love a cup of tea, a good book, and a garden walk. . .alas, I must parent, teach, and continue working. I do feel my mediations skills have really improved though. I have become a master at negotiating with a 3 year old, 8 year old, and 11 year old. But, they liked me better when I wasn’t with them all the time 😉

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